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Business Coaching

When profits are lacking, productivity is stagnant, and hiring is off the mark, business coaching can help. We start with an individual financial analysis comparing your business to every other business like it in North America, that helps us to identify all problems, opportunities, and solutions that can meet your specific business needs.


Handing Your Business the Keys to Success

Financial analysis is an effective way to start analyzing profits, productivity, and growth. This always provides us a clearly defined starting point.

We help branch and regional managers deliver better results to their corporate organization. We have helped branch managers increase productivity by 20-100%, and we've helped the same organizations drive profits up by 10-30%. Business & Personal Coaching has worked with business such as:

 » Retail
 » Wholesale
 » Oil Services
 » Legal Services
 » Transportation
 » Agri-Business
 » Financial Services
 » Manufacturing 
 » Online Companies
 » Education & Government